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In my previous post I wrote about the story on how this famous mural by Art+Believe was vandalized and how the neighbours brought it back to life. Now here’s the full scoop!

Mr. Luis( a negihbour form temnpleman Street) grabbed some white painting and did the letters himself, as he was one of many bothered by the action of these people. When other neighbours saw him paiting, they offered some paint leftovers to add color (as the original one was so colorful) and gave it a twist, to make it look like  stained glass.

Mr. Luis and the neighbours painting the mural.

Finally, on sunday, we were all together finishing the mural. We had music, tea, our “We are not Hippies…” fund raising bottle and lots of energy and good vibes.

Many people approached and asked about the mural, so we told them about the work of Art + Believe and some history of the hill.

A girl told me she was from San Francisco and that things like this (neihgbours organised out nothing) couldn’t happen there as you need funds, permissions and more burocracy in between, so she was amazed by what we were doing.


From top to bottom: -Mr. Luis painting the logo of the City on the almost finished mural. – Neighbours and friends in action with some good background music. – Detail of a small part painted by me (paintings mixed right on the wall, so proud!) – Enjoying some friends company after finishing.


Now the mural is back, attracting visitors and not only giving a positive message, but making Templeman Street the first mural painted by overseas artists and the neighbours of Valparaiso.

Two hands together? Maybe.



Dog was much tired for helping…