Tumblr used to be my playground.

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I’ve been a tumblr user for years, having the chance to get to know so many talented and brillant people there.

What will happen after December 17?


I can’t recall when I joined tumblr, but it was even before having my own website.

Despite the known fact that it was filled with many pornographic blogs, there are so many more that were worthy of having a tumblr.

I’ve have the chance to follow people like Bobby Hicks, artists like Dr. Anfelo and find a safe space for myself when not feeling like having a conversation.

Tumblr was a place to get inspired, to find amazing new things and support the LGBTQ community, to discuss politics and get to know different points of view. I also saw how some people found comfort in connecting with other people that had similar experiences (sometimes traumatic ones) . Now all these people have something in common: tumblr is not longer a safe space to talk about what is needed as is flagging every content as “adut content” afther their announcement of banning all adult content from their platform.

It will be too hard to follow every artist I followed on tumblr on their own personal social media and, what its worst, is that their incomes will be affected by it.

There will be many young people from the LGBTQ community that will no longer have a space to talk and feel safe explore their sexuality, gender expression, to discover themselves as individuals. They will probably be back in the dark closet they feel were before tumblr.

Personally, I don’t know how to feel about this, and I’m giving a hard time to think about keeping my tumblr and see also what can I do with my website, not only for myself, but to support all these tumblr orphans.


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