Living in a city like Valparaiso means that you have the chance to be in direct contact with people from all over the world, giving you a chance of a lifetime to learn many things. Could you do that only via the internet?


These days the word “social” means, mostly if not entirely, an online presence that attracts thousands to follow you, but there’s something that most people trying to break the internet miss: the direct contact.

Through the years I’ve been able to learn how valuable is to take direct contact with who you plan to work with and to those you are offering your services, as there are so many tipes of people that it’s hard to make a simple plan that works for everything and everyone.

A question as simple as : What kind of food do you want to try? or Would you dare to take a three hours walking tour?  Opens the door to show not only – in my case- what a city like Valparaiso has to offer, but to make people go deeper and make them to get even more out of their experience.

This is just another day in Valparaiso.

Talking to people face to face can make an enormous difference as they’ll be able to see your excitement. Is this not possible for you? Share on social media what makes you feel excited about and give people the chance to ask you about it.

I’m passioned for Valparaíso and its history nd what this city has to offer and I always try for this to show.

The cats of Valparaiso are not afraid of cucumbers

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