Bullying and me (part Two)

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In my previous post (here) I talked about my experience with bullying during my primary school period. By when I was 13 I had endured about 6 years of bullying and was hoping for things to get better.

I think between 13 and 18 things got a bit calmer, specially due to the fact that I was not longer the youngest son. I had this beautiful baby sister that I could help taking care of.

I also became fan of the Sailor Moon Franchise (and yes, I have the first 6 books of the original manga. It was the only thing I was hoping to get for christmas, brithday or buying with my allowance) and the Spice girls. They became my escape for mostly everything and inspired me to keep drawing and painting.

At 19 things changed drastically. I was outed by a very close relative and , as she didn’t accept the fact that I was gay , chose to attack me psychologically at every chance she could get, dragging even my best friend at the time.

As some of her mental and economic issues got in the middle, I was the one to blame for everything, getting to the point I was threatened to death. Things like “watch out walking down the street”, ” i’m gonna burn your house with you and your sister in it” arrived on a regular basis to my e-mail and even she took the time along with her couple at the time, to post my personal information, such as address an phone number, on the internet.

I ended up calling a local ONG to get some help, as despite the many complaints of threatenings to the local court  resulted in them telling me that the only way I could actually do someting was if I actually got injured or dead.

At this ONG they offered me all the help they could and showed me that it was OK to be myself and learned that there is no excuse to harass someone that way.

They helped me understand the many different types of people the LGBT community has and how important is to listen and redpect each other and, obviously, the power of organization.

Since then, I’ve written a novel, kept drawing, reading and enjoying life just being myself and forgetting about the bad times, those who changed me for the best instead of the worst.

If you or someone you know is suffering this kind of bullying, get help. It may be a friend or a responsible adult. Check also for LGBTQ organizations in your area that can provide legal and/ or psychological help.



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