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Bullying is a trendy topic right now thanks to the Netflix series “13 reasons why”, helping people to understand the effect that it can have on the bullied person. Here’s the first part of my take on bullying based on personal experience.

When I was a kid, I used to be pretty quiet and loved to draw,read and listen to classical music, things that some people find unusual traits for someone so young.

My parents always gave me a push to do what I liked and at one point I even took drawings lessons. My mum always played the vinyl of “The Swan Lake” while I was having lunch because I loved it. It was quite nice until I was on the 3rd grade at a Private School.

By that time I’d became the fat boy of the class and even the one that dared to call himself my “best friend” mocked me. I tried to handle it as good as I could do it with humour, thing that most people in my place would have done, but things started to escalate quickly.

By when I was in 4th grade, one day I forgot some materials for the class and my head teacher told the whole class “you forget your materials but not your lunch”. She had several years of teaching experience and was reinforcing the idea that bullying someone else is fine.

I didn’t want to go to school. My parents took the time to go talking to my head teacher and the whole class about the situation. No one but the teacher admitted that they had bullied me.

By fifth grade I asked my parents to be changed to another school hoping it would get better, but it didn’t: I started attending another school were my classmates bullied me because I came from a private school.

In the middle of it all, I tried my best to feel good about myself. I kept drawing, reading and listening to music. Those were my refuge for a long time.

In the process, I didn’t feel that I could easily trust people and it was hard for me to talk to anyone, becoming harder after my parents split up. It’s not easy trying to understand why you are considered a “weirdo” by almost everyone of your age in the middle of a family crisis of this kind.

You wouldn’t notice, but I felt so unhappy inside that many ideas crossed my mind on what to do: from keep going, hoping everything would get better, to just make it stop.

By then I was around 13 and had endured about 6 years of constant bullying.